Education Hall


Following the tradition of morphing building names, Education Hall debuted as Agriculture Hall (1902), changed to Science Hall within the first decade, earned the nickname “Chem Shack” early on, and settled on its present moniker in February of 1940. Over the past century, many subjects have been taught under Education Hall’s gabled roof, including agriculture, science, pharmacy, forestry, psychology, and since 1940, education.

  1. The College of Business (originally known as the School of Commerce) has been headquartered in Bexell Hall since 1922, when the building was completed. In the 1923/24 academic year, more than one quarter of all Oregon Agricultural College students (917 out of 3199) were enrolled in the School of Commerce. The next largest enrollment was 486 students in the School of Home Economics.

  2. Women in costumes in the School of Commerce classroom in Bexell Hall.

  3. Bexell hall as seen from the outside circa 1933

  4. Bulletin board for Business & Technology in Commerce Building.

  5. Computer labs became an integral part of OSU's educational infrastructure in the late 1980s.

Address: 104 Joyce Collin Furman Hall, 200 SW 15th St, Corvallis, Oregon

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