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About BeaverTracks

BeaverTracks is an interactive mobile guide and walking tour of Oregon State University's historical locations.

At each of the 22 locations, you get a brief history and can browse a catalog of historic images. Depending on your mobile device you can also take a walking tour of the historic sites.

About the Tour

Feedback & Comments

All images in BeaverTracks are from the OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center (SCARC) collections and permission must be obtained to publish or permanently display reproductions of the materials. Please contact OSU SCARC with requests or questions. All images in BeaverTracks can also be found on OSU SCARC Flickr photostream.

BeaverTracks was developed by OSU Libraries staff. It was inspired by NCSU Libraries' project WolfWalk. The virtual walking tour is based on the print publication OSU Buildings & Services Walking Tour.